Board Memeber since 2011

Michele Reis

Michele heads up Sales & Marketing for the Midwest region for a specialized consulting firm, Supply Chain Fusion. Prior to that she was in Advertising Sales for several years helping midsize and large companies grow their market share and revenue. She is an Alumnus of Central Michigan University, where she studied Business, was a dancer in the CMU dance company and also donated time in the community hospitals in programs such as “Hugs”, designed to help children that didn’t have a family member to be with them in the hospital. Since CMU, she became involved in the Shores Jaycees, a local organization that assists in programs for children and seniors, which has provided a great opportunity for shared values through personal and professional development, networking, and community improvement. In addition, Michele has been a dancer her entire life and is a part of a local professional modern dance company that performs throughout the year at different venues in Metro Detroit and Canada.

Michele at the 2009 Twilight Awards Gala

"I revel in the opportunity and experiences that come with being a part of the Twilight Benefit Foundation and assisting in the work for such a wonderful cause.."

- Michele Reis 2011

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