Twilight Community Leadership Awards

The Twilight Foundation Community Leadership Awards recognize individuals and organizations whose leadership has made a significant impact in their particular Detroit metro area communities. This work may confront societal or civic issues, address health or environmental concerns, or promote arts and humanities. We celebrate people who are rolling up their sleeves, taking initiative, and solving problems in their neighborhoods and communities. This year a group of less than Ten Community Leaders will receive Honoree awards at the Gala. The Community Leadership Awards showcase individual or organizational excellence in leadership as demonstrated by outstanding initiative, impact of work, and inspiration of others. With each award, The Twilight Foundation publicly affirms present achievements, seeks to encourage further work on the part of the recipients, and hopes to motivate others to follow their lead in service to Detroit metro area communities. Contact us for information.

How to Nominate

Nominations are to be sent to on or before March 31st. Nominations must include the following information:

Information of Nominee
Nominee Name:
Business and Home Phone:
Community and/or Social involvement: (Describe the type and extent of nominees efforts to meet the social needs and concerns of the community, the preservation of our environment, and/or contribution(s) to the elimination of catastrophic disease.)
References:(List names and contact information of at least two (2) other individuals (classmates, friends, Colleagues.) who know nominee and are familiar with their social efforts.)

Submitter's Information
Submitted by Name:
Business and Home Phone:
Supporting documentation
Mail to the attention of: Award Committee Twilight Foundation at 3155 Dallavo Ct Walled Lake, MI 48390. All supporting documentation must be postmarked no later than March 31st.

Awards Celebration Gala

On Saturday, Sept, 20th 2014 more than 300 people celebrated The Twilight Foundation Community Leadership Awards at the Annual Twilight Gala. Join us at the prestigious Grosse Point Yacht Club for an amazing evening of live entertainment, outstanding food, spirits and of course the Annual Twilight Civic Awards ceremonies.

Selection Process

This year’s Honorees will be announced June, 15th. The almost year long process of collecting, researching and vetting nominations for this year’s class of Twilight Civic Awards winners comes to a close and preparations begin for their induction.

Level of commitment – a high level of dedication to the Social Causes, the depth of involvement, and the amount of time committed. Service of all types is considered, whether working with the concerns of the community, the preservation of our environment, and/or contribution(s) to the elimination of catastrophic disease.

Impact – amount of impact the nominee’s service has had on the community and cause.

2015 Community Leadership Award Honorees


Past Community Leadership Award Honorees

Amy Peterson - 2014
Chelsea Neblett/Becki Kenderes - 2014
Cheryl Phillips - 2014
Kristin Lusn - 2014
Mike Ash - 2014
Stephen Tulloch - 2014

Kim Hurst- 2013
Karen Palka- 2013
David Calkins- 2013
Amy Kaherl- 2013
Jalen Rose- 2013

Ashley Lorano - 2012
Dennis Liegghio - 2012
Kelley LaFontaine - 2012
Justin Cessante - 2012

Laurie Tarter - 2011
Jonny Imerman - 2011
Stewart Francke - 2011
L. Brooks Patterson - 2011
Dr. Dawn Estelle - 2011

Richard Bernstein - 2010
Abbigail Hamilton - 2010
Amanda Maria Edmonds - 2010
Ryan LaFontaine - 2010
Lisa Dancsok - 2010
Mike Babcock - 2010

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