Civic Leadership Award Honoree 2014

Mike Ash

Michael Ash started Attack Hunger three years ago. He put together bundles of granola bars, trail mix and bottled water, and for each one that was sold, one of the same bundles was given to different local shelters aimed at the housing and care for at risk women and children all over Detroit. The organization also makes and sell t-shirts, and for each shirt sold, five bundles of food are donated to Detroit.

Attack Hunger is a Michigan made marketplace devoted to giving back to the Detroit community. Every item that is sold will be backed by a food donation to shelters aimed at the care of “at risk” women and children all over Detroit.

When shopping with Attack Hunger, you can take comfort in knowing that not only are you helping feed those in need, but you are supporting local artists/business'.

“When I started Attack Hunger, I purchased a case of each item sold in the bundles, borrowed a table, and had a banner made. This incredibly modest start has blossomed into something that has given literally tons of food to people in need,” said Ash. “You are the most important weapon in our attack on hunger.”

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