Civic Leadership Award Honoree 2014

Amy Peterson

Amy Peterson and her partner formed Rebel Nell to employ, educate and empower underprivileged women in the community - hiring women directly out of the shelter, providing them with employment, financial management, business education and life wellness so that they can transition to an independent life. Rebel Nell teaches them to make jewelry from fallen graffiti; this jewelry is very important to restoring the confidence in the women that are hired. After the brief training period, each woman is given the job title of “creative designer”. The women are able to create whatever shapes and sizes of jewelry that speak to them. Each pieces is a true reflection of the personality of the woman who made it.

In addition to the skill of making jewelry and restoring confidence, Rebel Nell provides the women with bank accounts, financial management classes as well as a personal financial advisor. They are given the knowledge on how to run a small business by being involved in every detail of the company and take life wellness courses (including everything from cooking classes, yoga and zumba, legal aide, women’s empowerment seminars and family outings). Rebel Nell believes that all of these things help provide the foundation for living an independent life.

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