Civic Leadership Award Honoree 2010

Mike Babcock

Head Coach of The Detroit Red Wings

Detroit, MI – No-nonsense hard charging winners are known for taking no prisoners in their approach. And, don’t forget – they won’t ask you do to do something that they wouldn’t do themselves. And, behind this tough exterior – you often find the most charitable heart.
We humbly submit that description for Mike Babcock, one of the world’s best hockey coaches. His hockey resume is Hall of Fame worthy. Ask any winner and they will tell you that getting there is a combination of Drive, Practice, Will, Desire, Hunger and Attention-To-Detail – doing the little things well each and every day you practice your craft. Mike Babcock’s attention-to-detail and Big Heart for the Greater Good is on display with our friends at Detroit Children’s Hospital and with his neighbors throughout the great city of Detroit, MI.
Mr. Babcock is a spokesperson and advocate for the Jeffrey Thomas Hayden Foundation, working to create awareness around the elimination and treatment of pediatric brain tumors, working closely with Detroit Children’s Hospital. He serves as an Advisory Board Member for the Chase Away Foundation – “Chasing Away the Blues of Children Fighting Cancer and OMS.” This group makes sure that kids get to be kids, have fun and enjoy life as much as possible as they take treatment and battle their illness. Mike also serves and signs autographs at Children’s Hospital Fundraisers (Rockin’ on the Roof) and silent auctions. Coach Babcock personally provides a pair of tickets for Children’s Hospital patients and families to every Red Wing home game, visiting and checking in prior to the game and making sure that his guests can enjoy a night of hockey while getting a break from the challenges of illness. Mike also helps drive activities with The Burn Center at DMC Receiving Hospital and the Detroit Red Wings, collecting gently used clothing and winter wear for the homeless and less fortunate, helping keep others warm while preventing frostbite.
The Twilight Benefit is proud to honor Mike Babcock with its Twilight Foundation Civic Leadership Award for 2010.

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